Ubisoft annouces multiplayer FPS Atomega

Atomega is an online, multiplayer FPS, coming from Reflections to Steam later this month. Atomega is set at the end of time with reality collapsing. The only life that exists are the Exoforms, “post-biological lifeforms.”

A blend of man and machine, the Exoforms are taking part in the last great arena battle of the universe. Their goal is to acquire mass in order to grow from the size of an atom up to a giant Omega. Hence the title. To collect mass, players will take part in 10-minute, 8-player matches. The player with the most mass and most points at the end wins.

Atomega comes from the same incubator environment that delivered Grow Home and Grow Up. Designed to emphasise creativity and experimentality, Atomega is the latest title in Ubisoft’s embracing of left-of-centre concepts. Ubisoft has revealed that Atomega “was produced by a small team of around 10 full-time developers over the space of 18 months.”

Atomega was developed with an indie-inspired mind-set, creating an environment where agility, experimentation and proof through playable are valued. It forces us to focus on what’s most important for the player experience and lets us make quick course changes to follow the fun.

There will only be one map, one game mode and one weapon in Atomega. The emphasis is on drop-in, drop-out, fast paced gameplay. Players won’t have to mess around with skill trees or character classes. Everyone begins the same way and has the same goal. Reflections said that the biggest challenge in developing Atomega came from balancing the small and large characters and making sure no matter what it was still fun to play.

Atomega will be available for PC on Steam on September 19 for $9.99 USD.

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