The Division’s free update 1.8 adds two new game modes

When Ubisoft releases update 1.8 for The Division later this year it will introduce two brand new modes for free.

The second of two free updates to the online title, update 1.8 will go live simultaneously across all platforms. When it does, a new area, West Side Pier, will be open to exploring.

West Side Pier is set across two new zones and is open to all players. According to Intel, defeated factions have grouped up there and are working together. Agents will need to investigate if this is true and why the factions are congregating in this location.

On top of the usual variety of open-world activities available to players, West Side Pier will also feature two new game modes; Resistance and Skirmish. Resistance is a PvE mode that sees Division Agents team up to fight off the spawning waves of NPCs for as long as possible.

Skirmish will see two teams of four battling to get the most kills before the time expires. Every time a downed player is eliminated, a point is scored.

In addition to the new location and modes, update 1.8 includes a new social hub, improvements to the “Underground” DLC and changes to mechanics.

The update is due to go live in Spring, with no firm date set.

The Division is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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