Square Enix unveils Lost Sphear gameplay

Tokyo RPG Factory, developer of I Am Setsuna, is hard at work on its next project; Lost Sphear. In development for PC, PS4 and Switch, Square Enix today unveiled gameplay footage of Lost Sphear.

‘Welcome to the world of Lost Sphear’ includes gameplay footage and introduces players to game. The trailer demonstrates Lost Sphear’s retro-inspired combat system and the Vulcosuit. A mechanical suit of armour, the Vulcosuit enhances the wearer’s strength and abilities. It will also the wearer to utilise the Paradigm Drive, turning the tide of battle.

In Lost Sphear the world is under threat from a mysterious and ominous power. With reality itself at stake, Kanata and his band of heroes must set out to use the power of memory to return their world to its former state. Lost Sphear is heavily inspired by JRPGs of the past, especially classic SNES RPGs like Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy VI.

Lost Sphear will be available for PC, PS4 and Switch on January 23, 2018. It is a digital only title.

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