Quake Champions is available now on Early Access

Bethesda and id Software have announced that Quake Champions is available via Early Access on Steam and the Bethesda.net launcher.

A free-to-play version will launch at a later date, but for now, players will need to spend $39.95 AUD/$49.95 NZD to purchase the Champions Pack. Purchasing now knocks $10 off the final price of the full release. Those who do purchase will be granted instant access to all current and future Champions as well as other in-game bonuses.

The Early Access version is still a work-in-progress, but is definitely, highly playable. Bethesda and id have announced that new features, improvements and fixes will be continually rolled out and added. Player feedback will be key and the developers will be paying close attention.

The Champions pack currently includes 11 champions and will see a further six champions released before the end of 2018. The Pack also includes an exclusive skin for Ranger and three loot chests.

The current champions are;

  • Ranger
  • Visor
  • Scalebearer
  • Nyx
  • Anarki
  • lutch
  • Sorlag
  • Galena
  • Slash
  • BJ Blazkowicz
  • DOOM Slayer

The Early Access edition features eight playable arenas, four play modes and a brand-new Rune Challenges system that rewards players for completing challenges.

Quake Champions’ Early Access is available via Steam and the Bethesda.net launcher.

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