Pokémon GO Generation 2 Guide: Berries – Razz, Nanab and Pinap

Pokémon GO’s latest update added Pokémon from Generation 2, but also introduced other features from Gold and Silver; Berries and Evolution Items.

Razz Berries have been a part of Pokémon GO since launch, but until now, have been the only item which effects wild Pokémon. The latest update adds two new Berries; Nanab and Pinap.

Pokemon GO Berries
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Pokémon GO Berries

All three of the Berries in Pokémon GO were first introduced in Generation III. Each of the Berries were used as ingredients in Pokéblocks and Poffins to change the Beauty, Tough, Cute, Cool, or Smart condition of Pokémon for the Beauty Contests. Their use in Pokémon GO is very different.

Razz Berry


Pokémon GO veterans know that Razz Berries are used to increase the chance of catching a wild Pokémon, but the new Berries are different. Pinap Berries will make a wild Pokémon drop extra Candy if it is caught on the next throw. Nanab Berries make wild Pokémon slow down and stop moving erratically.

Nanab Berry


Wild Pokémon will occasionally move around a lot more now when you’re trying to catch them. Instead of jumping on the spot and attacking, wild Pokémon can also move left and right, forward and back and up and down. They can move fast and slow and sometimes move around the screen very quickly. This is when a Nanab Berry comes in handy.

Pinap Berry


Pinap Berries can be used when catching wild Pokémon to make them drop more Candy. Normally, wild Pokémon will drop three Candies when you catch them, but if they’ve been given a Pinap Berry they will drop five Candies. Bonus Candy is only awarded if you successfully catch the wild Pokémon on the throw after they’ve been given the Pinap Berry.

Only one Berry and one type of Berry can be given to a wild Pokémon at a time. If you’ve used a Razz Berry, you can’t give the wild Pokémon any other Berry unless you attempt a catch and the wild Pokémon breaks free.

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