Resident Evil 7 Guides: Get the True Ending in “Banned Footage Vol. 2” – Daughters

There are two different endings to “Daughters” based on the actions you take. This is how to get the True ending.



 With “Banned Footage Vol. 2” Capcom has taken us back to the events just prior to the Baker family’s descent into madness at the hands of Eveline.

Events kick off with Zoe watching a news report on a recent hurricane that has flooded parts of Louisiana which leads into a segment on a missing ship that vanished from the Gulf of Mexico. If you’ve played Resident Evil VII, you’ll know that the missing ship is the one that was carrying Mia and Eveline.

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Jack appears carrying Eveline in his arms, unconscious and Marguerite insists she be put to bed in Lucas’ old room. She tells Zoe to get Eveline some fresh clothes and then the action begins.


Get Lucas’ Code and the Lock Pick

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You may be tempted to run off and get the clothes for Eveline from the Laundry room, but to get the True ending; there are two important steps you’ll need to take first.

After Marguerite says she’s going to make some soup and gets Lucas to move out of her way, he’ll sit down at the table and pull out his phone. Make sure you’re watching over his shoulder so you can see what his unlock code is. You’ll need this later on.

After you make note of his code, head into the storage room to the right of the kitchen; the room with the underground tunnel that leads to the Laundry. Drop down into the hole and collect the Lock Pick. Do not use the Lock Pick on the locked drawer in the storage room. If you do you cannot get the True ending.

Get the Clean Clothes and Small Component

After you grab the Lock Pick, head into the Laundry and grab the Clean Clothes from the far left corner. Head upstairs and go right into the Bathroom. After you climb the stairs it’s the first door on your right.


Go around the bathtub and use the Lock Pick on the locked drawer. Open it and collect the Small Component. Then go to the child’s room. In the main game, this is the room that’s locked with the Snake Key until late in the story.

Use the Small Component and find Lucas Secret Stash

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When you enter the Child’s Room a short cutscene will play in which Jack and Zoe will discuss the flooded Boat House. Do not go over towards Eveline on the bed. Instead, go to the trophy on the cabinet against the same wall as the door. Use the Small Component and a ladder will drop from the attic.

Go up the ladder and to the computer at the far end of the attic. The code to unlock the computer is the same as Lucas’ phone. Once unlocked, you’ll find Lucas’ diary which mentions Jack throwing out his stuff from the red box on the veranda.

Go back down the ladder and over to Eveline. She’ll wake up, creep you out and disappear, leaving you in the dark. Use R2/RT to turn your lighter on and go back out to the corridor.

Check on Lucas and Marguerite

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Once you’re out in the corridor, go back towards the stairs and you’ll hear a thump. Go down the stairs and back into the Kitchen and you’ll see Lucas slumped on the floor. Go over to him and after you’ve checked on him go back to the stairs.

You’ll be able to hear some odd noises, so go upstairs and into the bathroom. The door to the bathroom is partially open and you can hear Marguerite from inside. Open the door and watch the short cutscene of Marguerite freaking out. Jack will appear and ask you to get him some rope from the garage.

Go back downstairs and go to the garage.

Get the Rope, Fork and Dog’s Head

Once you’re at the garage door, press the button and head inside. The rope will be hanging from the shelves directly in front of you; pick it up and go back upstairs.

Once you open the bathroom door you’ll find Jack trying to drown Marguerite and talking gibberish. He’s clearly succumbed to effects of Eveline’s powers and turns his attention on you. When you regain control, perform a quick turn (Back + O or Back + B) and run.

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Turn left and open the door into the room with the pool table. Use the rope on the hook just inside and to the left of the door and you’ll lock Jack out. Once safe, go into the small room to the right of the pool table and collect the Fork from the dresser.

Go over to the window in the far right corner of the room, opposite the small bedroom, and use the Fork on the nails holding the board in place. Climb out the window, turn right and walk to the end of the veranda. You’ll see that you can interact with a piece of tin, but ignore this for now.

Instead, keep going straight and you’ll see a narrow passage you can squeeze down. Go through this passage and open the red box on the other side. Inside is the Dog’s Head emblem. Collect this, go back through the narrow passage and then interact with the tin.

Go downstairs, Avoid Marguerite and Get to the Trailer

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When you crouch to go through the gap where the tin was, you’ll see Lucas being dragged into the Child’s room by Jack. Ignore this and go into the open doorway on the left, into the main hall.

Stay crouched and turn the lighter off. Marguerite is downstairs, patrolling and searching for you and if she catches you, it’s game over.


Watch her movements and when she has her mini freak-outs/seizures, make your way to the front door. You can stand up, but don’t sprint or she’ll hear you.

Use the Dog’s Head emblem on the front door and escape outside into the rain. Once outside, you can safely sprint again. Go to the trailer and go inside.

Check on Mia and Read Her Note

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Once you’re inside the trailer you’ll see Mia slumped on the floor with the D-Series Head lying next to her.

Inspect the D-Series Head and then read the note on the table. Once you’ve read the note the lights will go out and you’ll hear Eveline laugh. Turn around and you’ll see her standing in front of you. She’ll come at you and you’ll black out.

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When you wake up, you’ll be seated at the kitchen table and will have reached the end of “Daughters” with the True ending.

If you’d like a guide on how to get the Bad ending, go here. You can also check out all our coverage and guides of Resident Evil VII below.

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