Resident Evil 7 Guides: How to get an S Rank in Jack’s 55th Birthday – Guest House

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is there than some brand new content for Resident Evil 7.

Included in the “Banned Footage Vol. 2” pack is the brand new mini-game; Jack’s 55th Birthday. This insane game requires you, playing as Mia, to run around in various locations from the main game, collect food and bring it back to Jack until he’s satisfied.

The first location available is the Guest House, better known as the location from the demo. This is our guide on how to get an S Rank. The video above shows our run as well so if you need a visual guide, use that in addition to this written guide.

Things to know

To fill Jack up as quickly and efficiently as possible you’ll need to do two things; collect and combine the right food and shoot enemies to gain extra time.

Every time you shoot an enemy you’ll gain a few seconds over and above the total time you begin with and the countdown will pause until the extra time has been used up. This is the only way to have enough time to get the highest ranks.

There are some special weapons hidden throughout the maps that will defeat the Molded with one shot and add lots of extra time to your timer. These weapons have unlimited ammo, but also run out after a set timer expires.


When you begin, you’ll be in the familiar kitchen area with Jack seated at the table waiting for his birthday treats. Before you head out of either door, be sure to check the item box first and collect;

  • Shotgun
  • Shotgun Shells
  • First Aid Med

If you’ve played a few times you should also have unlocked some boosts. You might want to take the Firepower Up I skill.

Go towards the stairs

You’ll have two options to choose from when it comes to directions to go. Don’t head towards the back/front door where you enter in both the main game and the first VHS tape with Clancy. There’s almost nothing down this way and you’ll just be wasting your time.

Instead, go out the door towards the stairwell and the room with the TV. Go past the stairs and then stop at the small room to your right under the stairs. A Molded will appear and in the room will be two wine bottles. Shoot the Molded point blank with the Shotgun to add some time to your timer and grab both bottles of wine.


Then head to the room with the TV and grab the plate of chicken and the spice from the table. Make sure you shoot any Molded you can see, but they’re not your main concern.

Once you’ve got these items, head back to the kitchen and get ready to feed Jack. First put the wine bottle down in front of him and while he’s gobbling it up, combine the chicken and the spice. Then place the spicy chicken down.

Jack’s meter should be about halfway by this point and you should have only used about 5-10 seconds of your 15-minute timer.

Go up the stairs

After you’ve fed Jack his first load of food you’ll want to head up the stairs now. A Molded will appear to your left as you climb the first set, make sure you shot it before climbing up the second.

You’ll want to avoid the door to your right for now, but we’ll come back here on the way back. Instead go all the way to the end of the corridor and turn right and go into the attic bedroom. Grab the Blue Blaster from the center of the room and make sure you tag every single Molded you see. They’ll die with one shot and you’ll add 10-seconds to your timer.

Once the Blue Blaster expires, go into the room in the far right corner — opposite the ladder — and grab both plates of chicken and both spices from the table.

Head back towards the stairs and now head into the room we ignored before. Make sure you’ve switched back to your shotgun as a Molded will appear. Shoot it and grab one of the bottles of wine from the table.

Go back to Jack and give him the wine, making sure to combine the chicken and spice while he’s eating. Give him everything you have and he should be full and you should have the S Rank.

After you’ve completed the Guest House you’ll unlock other stages and the chance to try for an SS Rank.

Resident Evil 7: biohazard is available now.

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