Overwatch Capture the Rooster: Do’s and Don’ts

Capture the Flag in Overwatch isn’t perfect, but it can still be a good time, provided you have the right strategies and the right roster. We’ve put together our ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ for how to get the most out of the mode.

Do use these heroes



Symmetra can be devastating to an enemy team trying to capture your flag. Because the flag is placed near or behind walls, her turrets are a perfect way to deter and stop enemies dead in their tracks. Make sure you cover the main entry point(s) to the flag, but also be sure to focus on lesser used doors and corridors.

The use of her ultimate depends on the state of the match and how competent a player you are. If your team is struggling and is behind in captures, a well-placed teleporter can turn the tide. However, a shield generator can also come in handy to give your team an extra boost and hopefully last a little longer in battle.

Symmetra can also be used to capture the enemy’s flag, though it’s a tough challenge. By firing her Photon Barrier toward the enemy flag and sticking behind it, you have a chance to grab the flag and run without taking too much damage. You’ll need to be both quick and lucky, but it’s doable.



D.Va’s massive amount of health and shields combined with her Defense Matrix and Boosters make her an excellent offensive character in Capture the Rooster. She can cross large distances quickly with her boosters and withstand tonnes of damage in order to either grab the flag herself or provide cover for a teammate.

She’s almost as effective on defence and a smart D.Va player can position themselves ahead of their flag to harass potential capturers and funnel them towards Symmetra’s waiting turrets.

If you’re able to charge her ultimate, the only correct way to use it is for clearing the enemy off their flag. They should scatter and give your teammates enough time to grab the flag and get out of dodge.



She’s super squishy and actually grabbing the flag can be tricky, but Tracer is perfectly suited to CTF. Using Blink to cover long distances quickly and using Recall to get out of danger and recover health makes her very effective at capturing.

Capturing the flag isn’t her only strength though. Much like in standard mode, Tracer can be used as a harasser. Enemies guarding their flag will always recognise Tracer as a threat to the flag, so she can be used to draw them away or focus their attention.

Using Blink and Recall is also a good way to get in behind the enemy line and take them out, while they’re focused on the flag. Particularly Bastion’s and Torbjorn’s turret.



Bastion is an absolute bastard in his turret mode and Capture the Rooster is no exception. There are a few locations you can sit with him and quite easily pick off potential capturers as they enter your line of sight. Even better is the fact that you can sit with your back to the wall, protecting your week point.

Playing as Bastion means you’ll rarely have to move, but once you’ve built up your ultimate, don’t be afraid to go to the enemy base, pop the ultimate and capture the flag. You should be able to get rid of most enemies in your way with your cannon, but watch out for Symmetra’s turrets.

Even if you can’t capture the flag, you should use your ultimate to clear enemies and turrets out of the enemy base.



Junkrat is a great defender in Capture the Rooster. His Steel Trap is the bane of any capturer’s existence, especially the likes of Tracer and squishier heroes.

Make sure you place the Steel Trap and Concussion Mine directly under the flag and take a position behind and above the flag. Rain down frags from a safe distance and be sure to detonate the mine whenever an enemy becomes trapped.

While not the most effective offensive character, Junkrat can be used to capture the flag in the right circumstances. On the Garden stage of Lijiang Tower, Symmetra will usually cover the circular entrance to the flag with turrets. Junkrat can potentially boost himself over the wall with his Concussion Mine and grab the flag. He’ll need some support, but there’s a chance you can pull it off.



This is a no brainer really. If you can get Pharah onto the flag and grab it, you can use her Jump Jet to launch into the air and then fly back to your base and score.

User her Concussive Blast and Rocket Launcher to clear the enemy flag of turrets and enemies before descending and capturing should be cake. Pharah can also be used effectively to harass and draw attention from the enemy team, allowing the likes of Tracer to get in and get out with the flag.

Don’t use these heroes



Look, I love Sombra and in standard mode she can be incredible. In Capture the Rooster though, her abilities are pretty terrible.

The fact that she can’t capture the flag while invisible renders one of her best abilities useless. If you could couple her invisibility with her Translocator, she’d be devastating, but you can’t.

Using her invisibility to sneak into the enemy base and hack can be useful, but when a Bastion, Torbjorn and Symmetra are guarding the flag, Sombra dies before she can be of any use.



Poor old Mercy. She has no place in Capture the Rooster. Her damage boost isn’t useful enough when attackers are facing off against a wave of turrets and the same goes for her healing beam.

On her own she doesn’t deal enough damage or have enough health to effectively capture or defend. Mercy has her place, but unfortunately it’s not in Capture the Rooster.



McCree is a great offensive character in standard modes, but in Capture the Rooster his abilities don’t translate. You could use his flashbang to stop an enemy who has the flag, but you’d need to be out in front for it to work. McCree isn’t fast enough to get out in front of the flag carrier and doesn’t have enough health to wait out in No Man’s Land.

His flashbang and Fan the Hammer shots can and will stop potential capturers in their tracks, but the likes of Symmetra, Torbjorn and Bastion are far better defenders. It’s not worth wasting an offensive slot on McCree since he’s not likely to be able to get the flag. He’s not a harasser nor does he have the speed to prove useful down the enemy’s end.

Do Stick to your Role


Whether you’re protecting your flag or trying to capture the enemy’s; stick to it. Protecting the flag is just as important as capturing even though it doesn’t have the same glory.

If you’re supposed to be defending and leave your base to try and assist your offensive heroes, you leave the flag vulnerable to attack and will likely see the enemy team capture it.

Don’t Fall For Enemy Tricks


If you see a Genji, Hanzo or even a Soldier 76 or Tracer and they’re not really going for the flag, but are annoying enough to get your attention; Don’t chase them.

They’re trying to force you and your defensive heroes to leave the base so that they can separate you from the pack and pick you off. Be patient and wait until they get bold enough to try harder and then make mincemeat out of them.

Do Stick Together


If you’re trying to capture, make sure you and your other offensive heroes stick together and enter the base as a team. Don’t funnel in one by one or you’ll only die and waste a life and time. Enter the base in a forked formation so that you split the enemies’ attention and can take them out while grabbing the flag.

Don’t Be a Bad Sport


This should go without saying, but don’t quit partway through a match and don’t change characters unless it’s within the same role. If you’re D.Va you can freely switch to Roadhog or Winston, but not Reaper or Hanzo. Don’t leave your team short-handed and don’t think that you can win by changing classes.

Those are our Do’s and Don’ts of Capture the Rooster. Did we get it right or wrong? What are your thoughts?

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