The 10 characters we wish are on Marvel vs Capcom Infinite’s roster

This month fighting game fans saw the impossible happen. Hell had frozen over, dogs and cats were living together, Captain America is a Hydra agent, and praise the Mahvel overlords. Capcom has announced a new Marvel vs Capcom game!

Many thought that with Disney’s strict licensing we may never see another Marvel vs Capcom title again, but when Capcom announced the return of the crossover fighting game series with Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite, it was like all our fighting game Christmases had come at once.

Since all these Christmases are coming at once, what could be more Christmassy than to write a wish-list! So I’m asking Santa for the following characters to make their MvC debut in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Come on Santa, I’ve been a good boy this year. Well… mostly, kinda.

Capcom’s cavalcade of combatants

The Hunter (Monster Hunter)

Monster Hunter's Iconic Rathalos Armor
Monster Hunter’s Iconic Rathalos Armor

If the hunters from Monster Hunter have the guts to go up against a towering fire-breathing wyvern with nothing but a greatsword, then they have the guts to go toe-to-toe against Marvel’s finest.

Geared up in the series iconic Rathalos armor, the Hunter has a wide variety of weapons to draw from that can make for a flexible moveset. Add in a felyne or wyvern attack super move and the Hunter is a perfect fit for MvC.

Let’s just hope the MH team allows Capcom put them in the game this time.

Vile (Megaman X)

Doing 90's edginess before Reaper made it cool
Doing 90’s edginess before Reaper made it cool

Okay MvC Infinite already has X from the Megaman X series, so who’s he going to go up against? Zero? Nah no lightning loops for me thanks. Why pick Zero when you can pick Vile?

Vile is an angry resentful reploid Boba Fett lookalike. He has a jet pack, a shoulder cannon, and machine guns hidden in his kneecaps! On top of that he has his Ride Armor which he can use to beat down on superheroes like he beat up X in the first Megaman X game. Come on Capcom, give these two a rematch in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

William Birkin (Resident Evil 2)

Jokes aside, this really isn't even his final form
Jokes aside, this really isn’t even his final form

William Birkin is my favourite Resident Evil monster. Throughout Resident Evil 2 he evolves from a mutated scientist, to a rampaging monster, to an eldritch amorphous blob. And then he gets blown up in the train, what a way to go.

So how would a character like Birkin translate to the Marvel vs Capcom play style? Multi-stage transformations! Much like Phoenix Wright’s different gameplay stages in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Birkin could spend meter to reach his next evolution. The more meter he spends, the more badass he gets.

Just stay outta them trains Willie. (Editor’s Note – Best character idea ever!)

Samanosuke (Onimusha)

Can we have another Onimusha Capcom pls?
Can we have another Onimusha? Capcom pls

Hey Capcom, remember Onimusha? Remember that game series you made featuring the greatest opening cinematic ever that was Onimusha 3: Demon Siege? Because I do, and I am not forgetting it anytime soon. If you haven’t seen Onimusha 3’s amazing intro feast your eyes on this.

Amazing right? Especially for a game released in 2004. Now you understand why Samanosuke deserves to be in MvC Infinite. Come on Capcom, you have that Marvel money now so you can afford the rights for Takeshi Kaneshiro’s appearance, or if that fails I will gladly accept Jean Reno as a substitute.

Asura (Asura’s Wrath)

More arms equals more punching
More arms equals more punching

Asura the traitor, Asura the destructor! Anybody who has played the crazy brawler/interactive story Asura’s Wrath will understand exactly why the multi-armed cyber deity is a perfect fit for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

He’s agile, he’s crazy strong, he has projectiles, and the stronger he gets the more arms he has. Is he a robot? Is he a god? I have no idea, but one thing is for sure and that is that Asura is nuts, Mahvel nuts.

Asura has already had a small taste of fighting game action with a pseudo fighting game DLC chapter for Asura’s Wrath, pitting Asura against Street Fighter’s Ryu and Akuma. Street Fighter was just a tease however, because Asura is perfect for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

Marvel’s magnificent match-ups

Squirrel Girl (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl)

Come on, everybody loves Squirrel Girl
Come on, everybody loves Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl has such a unique charm to her. She’s weird and funny and of course, she can talk to squirrels. Since getting her own comic series, Squirrel Girl has made her mark for offering a more lighthearted spin on the Marvel universe and that kind of charm would be a welcome addition to Marver vs Capcom Infinite.

As a combatant, Squirrel Girl is not to be taken lightly, having defeated some impressive villains including Dr. Doom and Thanos. Based on her comic exploits her moves could include commanding a squirrel army, “borrowing” Iron Man’s armor, and as a super call in her good buddy Galactus to help her out.

Yeah that’s right, don’t mess with Squirrel Girl.

Black Panther (The Black Panther)

Prince turned King turned asskicker, beating Noctis to the punch
Prince turned king turned asskicker, beating Noctis to the punch

Not exactly a unique choice here with Black Panther being on pretty much everybody’s Marvel vs Capcom Infinite wishlist, but this is for a good reason, Black Panther is super badass.

After seeing his movie debut in Captain America: Civil War, the Wakandan King looks perfectly suited for an agile rushdown character archetype. Just give him some parries or counters and you would have a great alternative to Wolverine. Just make sure he responds to character introductions with “I don’t care.”

Groot & Rocket (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Movie power couple of the year 2014
Movie power couple of the year 2014

It’s a safe bet that thanks to the success of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie we’ll be seeing a Guardians character in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. While Rocket has already made an appearance in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, I want to see Capcom go the extra mile and make Rocket and Groot a duo.

Imagine Groot and Rocket fighting side by side, acting as a stance change character, swapping between Groot-mode focusing on grabs and long reach and Rocket-mode making Groot less mobile, but being able to use multiple projectile attacks. Oh and when you lose the match with Groot, you see him come back as Baby Groot.

Okay maybe I just wanna see Baby Groot. Can you blame me?

Spider-Gwen (Spider-Gwen)

How many more spider people do we need? MORE spider people.
How many more spider people do we need? MORE spider people.

In an alternate universe where Gwen Stacy was bitten by a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker, Spider-Gwen is the one with great power and the great responsibilities that come with it.

Since Spider-Man has appeared in every title in the Marvel vs Capcom series it’s about time he had a break and let someone else from the Spiderverse take the spotlight. Spider-Gwen would be a great opportunity for Capcom to take a fresh approach to the classic Spidey playstyle. Since Spidey has played about the same since Marvel Super Heroes it is a change that I would welcome.

Baymax (Big Hero 6)

Disney version / Marvel version. Like Night and Day.
Disney version / Marvel version. Like Night and Day.

Now I understand that this may be a licensing stretch, but before appearing as a Disney animated movie, Big Hero 6 was actually a Marvel comic series. This technically makes Baymax eligible to join the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite roster. Granted, Baymax looked and acted completely different in the comics, featuring a Disney Baymax with a Marvel alternate costume could keep both camps happy.

As a fighter, Baymax could suit a mobile grappler character archetype, using his armor to fly in and close the distance quickly for some high-damage grabs. A similar mechanic to Arthur from Marvel vs Capcom 3 could be incorporated where Baymax can lose his armor, trading mobility for damage or something similar.

And of course, fist-bump taunts. You need the fist-bump in there or it’s no-deal.

So that’s my top 10 picks for what new characters I want to see in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Think your list would be different? Comment below and let us know on Facebook or Twitter so we can all fanboy and fangirl out together on this. IT’S MAHVEL BABY!

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