[UPDATE] Use this handy checklist to keep track of your Winter Wonderland unlocks

[UPDATE] – Reddit user js41637 has taken the checklist and created an interactive website for it.

Thanks to Reddit user izzepizze Overwatch players can keep track  of their Winter Wonderland unlocks. The handy list includes all Epic Skins, Highlight intros, Emotes, Sprays, Voicelines, Victory Poses and Player Icons.


All in all there are 126 items to unlock before January 2 including five legendary skins and seven epic skins. We’eve included izzepizze’s checklist as an image below so you can print it off. We’ve also included the special PDF version with clickable checkboxes.


Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland kicked off yesterday and includes reskinned Hanamura and King’s Row maps, a special Mei only Snowball Fight elimination mode and more.

Winter Wonderland is Overwatch’s third seasonal event following Summer Games and Halloween Revenge.


To unlock the new cosmetic items, players simply need to earn or purchase loot boxes. One Winter Wonderland item is guaranteed per Loot Box. If you are keen for a specific item, you can purchase it in-game using credits. Make sure you’ve purchased or unlocked every item you want before the event finishes, or you’ll be unable to acquire them.

On loading up Overwatch for the first time after installing the latest patch, you’ll be awarded one Loot Box. You’ll also be awarded one for your first win in Mei’s Snowball Offensive and new arcade mode Winter Mystery.


Three Loot Boxes can be earned per week in the Arcade by winning three, six and nine matches. Players can also earn Loot Boxes by levelling up. Players who are level through 22 will level up with XP ranging from 1,500 to 21,500. For every level including 23 and up, players will need 22,000 XP. Each level up is one additional Loot Box.

You earn XP simply be being active, earning medals (150 for Gold, 100 for Silver and 50 for Bronze), winning the match and staying in the match until the end. You’ll also earn bonus XP by playing in a party.


Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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