Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland skins ranked as Christmas movies

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event is live and thanks to TrustyTurkey on Reddit, we’ve seen all 12 of the available Christmas skins.

Sorry to say that those of you who main D.Va, Soldier 76, Junkrat, Genji, Hanzo, Bastion, Widowmaker, Reinhardt, Ana, Mercy or Symmetra will miss out on Christmas cheer. The rest of us though will be singing carols from the rooftops.


We’ve grabbed screens of each of the skins (courtesy of TrustyTurkey) and have ranked them in order of our favourite Christmas movies.

12. Lúcio – Andes skin, Jingle All the Way


Sorry Lúcio, but you’re on the bottom of our list, along with one of Arnie’s worst theatrical outings. Not only is your Santa hat off colour, you look like a weird action-figure and your bare arms are no protection from the cold.


11. Zarya – Frosted skin, How the Grinch Stole Christmas


Just look at her face. Zarya has no interest in Christmas. She hasn’t even decorated herself with anything Christmassy. Just like the Grinch, Zarya’s heart is two sizes too small. Cheer up Zarya, it’s only Christmas.


10. Pharah – Frostbite skin, Jack Frost


Just like Michael Keaton in Jack Frost (and his career in the late 90’s) Pharah’s Frostbite skin looks like she’s died and come back to life as a snowman. Obviously a very pointy and dangerous snowman, but a snowman non-the-less. Living people usually aren’t such a delicate shade of blue…Someone get her a blanket.


09. Sombra – Peppermint skin, Home Alone


Like little Kevin, Sombra uses her wits to outsmart and outplay her opponents. While I personally love her, Sombra’s abilities to render every other character useless with her hacking seem to annoy some players. Much like McCauley Caulkin, a lot of people thought she was cute at first…


08. Roadhog – Rudolph skin, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer


This one is fairly obvious right? Like, you don’t actually need me to explain…do you? Ok, well, you see, Roadhog is wearing Rudolph’s antlers that he stole when he shot Santa out of the sky above the Nullarbor. Rudolph’s red nose shone like a beacon and Roadhog couldn’t resist.


07. McRee – Scrooge skin, The Muppet Christmas Carol


There’s something about the very American McCree that just screams Charles Dickens isn’t there? In any case, McRee is both like Scrooge — in that he spoils all your fun — and in his Christmas hat, a spitting image of Gonzo. Also, marks taken off for not changing his belt buckle to read “HMBG”. Blizzard you muppets.


06. Mei – Mei-rry skin, The Santa Clause


When Santa fell off that roof and Tim the Toolman Taylor had to become Santa, we all knew he wasn’t the REAL Santa, but we went along with it anyway. Mei is doing a pretty convincing job, although her lack of beard really does give her away. Not sure why she doesn’t just spray one on with her OP Endothermic Blaster. I guess she’s not too interested in authenticity. Typical Mei.


05. Tracer – Jingle skin, ELF


Like Buddy the Elf, Tracer is obnoxious, infectious and downright lovable. Just look at those curly boots and jingly bells. It’s impossible not to smile when you see Tracer’s costume just like it’s impossible not to smile when you watch Will Ferrell play a man-child who only eats candy and is devoted to consumerism…


04. Reaper – Shiver skin, The Nightmare Before Christmas


Listen up edgelords, Reaper’s Christmas skin is all white and blue and shiny so start crying now, that way you can get back to normal by the time you actually unlock the skin. Reaper’s face in this skin just SCREAMS holiday cheer, though emphasis on the screams. Oogie Boogie indeed.


03. Zenyatta – Nutcracker skin, Love Actually


If there’s any Overwatch character the perfectly encapsulates a British rom-com with an ensemble cast it’s Zenyatta with a Nutcracker skin. Look how Britishy he looks! He’s even got a curly moustache and a top hat! Oh and look, he has a row of goldent nuts around his neck. Also Love Actually is the only thing that rhymes with “Experience Tranquility.” Whatever.

giphy (1).gif

02. Torbjörn – Santaclad skin, Bad Santa


Torb’s skin is impeccable. He’s got the beard, he’s got the glasses and he’s got the bells. His turret even looks like a freaking reindeer! Like Billy Bob though, Torbjörn isn’t someone to be trifled with, geddit?! Maybe he’ll learn the true meaning of Christmas, but maybe he’ll just splatter your brains all over the white snow. Have you been naughty or nice?


01. Winston – Yeti skin, Die Hard


I don’t even think I can find some poorly reasoned explanation as to why Winston’s skin is Die Hard. All I can say is the skin looks awesome and Winston looks awesome. Easily the best skin of the bunch. I want it so bad and I don’t ever use Winston. He’s the abominable snowman. It’s perfect. Just like John McLane and just like Die Hard. Yippee Ki Yay.


There you have it. Our list of Overwatch Winter Wonderland skins ranked, as Christmas movies. Tell us how wrong we got it and what your favourite skin and Christmas movie is.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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