First Impressions: Final Fantasy XV

They say first impressions last and if that’s the case, prepare to fall in love with Final Fantasy XV. It’s a beautiful story, told in an equally beautiful world. After waiting a decade to play this game it’s finally in my hands.

Noctis and his companions Gladiolas, Prompto and Ignis are on an adventure of royal proportions and speaking of proportions, this game is huge. The map is insanely big and filled with so much to do. I’m hesitant to offer a full review until I can fully experience everything FFXV has to offer.


So far I’m slugging away at the story, but took some time out to do side quests. It wasn’t until completing a few that I realised how important they are. That extra Gil and EXP is very valuable in your progression. They also can provide more lore and character building as well. The relationships that Noctis has with his companions run deep and really develop over the journey.

The battle system has really impressed me so far. It flows really well and becomes more in depth as I continue to level up. My play style can vary depending on who or what I came across to battle. Whether it be due to the sheer size of the enemy or the numbers they come in. Once you get comfortable with it you can become quite deadly on the battlefield.

It’s true, this title is most certainly appealing to long standing fans of the series. But Square Enix has done a great job of turning it into something that can appeal to a larger audience.


If you’re even slightly interested, then let me nudge you. THIS GAME IS TRULY AMAZING. Even with recent contenders such as Uncharted 4 and Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy XV is the prettiest game I’ve played to date. Look out for my full review soon.

Final Fantasy XV is being reviewed on PS4 using a digital promo code provided to PowerUp! by Square Enix.

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