The Hi-Rez Oceania Championship is this weekend

PaladinsSmite and eSports fans get ready for a huge weekend as the Hi-Rez Oceania Championship 2016 kicks off on Saturday.

The top teams in both games in the region will battle it out in front of a live studio audience at ESL Studios in Sydney and streamed live on Twitch.


Tune in from 10am to watch or head to Eventbrite to grab a ticket to the live event.

Four teams are scheduled to do battle in the 2017 SMITE Oceanis Championships, fighting for a share of $60,000. Two teams will face-off in the Paladins Invitational Final, hoping to secure a place at the Hi-Rez Expo 2017.


Ticket holders to the event will be given a Goodie Bag including a SMITE comic, Crikeydile skin card (SMITE), Viking Kinessa skin card (Paladins), assorted SMITE merch, Thunder Sticks and a Razer keycap.

The four teams competing in SMITE are Avant Garde, Pandamonium, Legacy eSports and Alpha Sydney. Abyss eSports and Avant Garde are the two teams competing in the Paladins invitational.

SMITE is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Paladins is in open beta on PC and will enter closed beta on console soon.

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