Rainbow Six: Siege’s “Operation Red Crow” launches next week

The fourth major DLC update for Rainbow Six: Siege is launching next week. “Operation Red Crow” adds a brand new map and two new operators.

The Skyscraper map puts players high above Nagoya, Japan and tasks operators with putting an end to the Yakuza’s reign of terror. Two Japanese S.A.T. (Special Assault Team) Operators — Hibana and Echo — have joined Rainbow to assist.

Hibana carries expertise at infiltration and comes equipped with SuperNova and Type-89 primary weapons while Echo is more tactical and focused on tech. He too carries the SuperNova along with the MP5SD4.

“Operation Red Crow” will be available to season pass holders 7-days prior to everyone else from November 17. It will be available for all players from November 24.


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