Watch_Dogs 2 Season Pass details and launch trailer

Ubisoft has revealed the contents of Watch_Dogs 2’s season pass along with a video celebrating the impending launch of the title.

PS4 players will get to laud it over their Xbox One and PC counterparts by enjoying 30-day exclusivity of new content. Three DLC packs are included in the season pass along with two additional add-on packs.

The first pack will arrive December 13 and will feature the star of Watch_Dogs story DLC; T-Bone. The “T-Bone Content Bundle” (snappy name) includes T-Bone, new co-op difficulty, new enemy type and new weapons.

The second pack, “Human Conditions,” will be available Spring 2017 and adds several hours of new story missions focusing on science and medicine. It also includes new co-op missions and another new enemy type.

The third pack, “No Compromise,” includes a brand new story set in the underbelly of San Fran and features the Russian mob. A new co-op mode will also be included. “No Compromise” will be available Autumn 2017.

Day One, season pass holders will gain access to the “Psychadelic Pack” and this Summer, will get the “Root Access Bundle.” Both include new outfits, weapons, skins and vehicles. “Root Access Bundle” also adds the Zodiac Killer mission.

Watch_Dogs 2 will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 15, 2016.


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