Hello Neighbor’s alpha opens for all players, new trailer released

Hello Neighbor has opened its alpha for all players and to celebrate has released a new trailer.

The new trailer was created using real gameplay footage and includes a basement chase scene. Alex Nichiporchik of tinyBuild said of the footage, “In the video, I sneak into the Neighbor’s house with a previously acquired keycard and crowbar. I lure him away from the TV by shutting off the power, and the rest… well, good luck not getting a panic attack.”

If you want to play the pre-alpha head to the official website.

Fending frequently asked questions, Nichiporchik revealed the following;

The game doesn’t end when you reach the basement

Is that a labyrinth? What are the voices? We’re not saying but everyone’s free to speculate

Hello Neighbor will still play as a Sandbox game with a Non-Linear Story

We are not talking about consoles at this point

Yes, you will be able to stun and counter the Neighbor

The AI will save information on your actions between game sessions. The Pre-Alpha doesn’t have that.

The basement gameplay trailer features near-final artwork and style

Alpha 1 will launch 3am Tuesday October 25, 2016.


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