Games Lab’s Final War to be released at PAX Aus

Trading Card Game, Final War is set to be released at PAX Aus. A turn based, tactical card game for 2-4 players, Final War takes place in the world of Gloren following the end of a truce which starts a race for the Gem of Making.

Developed by Games Lab, Lead Game Designer Ben Ellis said that creating a TCG with both dice and communal deck moderation was always a goal of his. Combined with “Gloren and its intricacies, including the Elder Days universe” Final War has a wealth of play styles, depth and lore for fantasy fans.

The starter edition of Final War includes 400 individual cards and three distinct styles of play. Each game ends once the Final War card is drawn and players are thrust in a fight to the death.

Final War’s stand at PAX Aus will be in the tabletop area, adjacent to the Free-Play area. The first 100 people to the stand will receive an exclusive legendary card. People will also be able to put their name in the Barrel of Berserking for a chance to win legendary cards and booster packs.


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