World of Tanks APAC finals to be held in Sydney

Wargaming has announced that Sydney is set to host its very first World of Tanks tournament at ESL Studio.

Season 1 2016-2017 of the APAC League will conclude in October with a prize pool topping $100K USD. As with World of Tanks finals, the Sydney tournament will proceed as a single elimination including two Semi Final rounds followed by the Grand Final.

Each Semi Final will be a best of nine, while the Grand Final will be best of 13. First place wins $50,000 USD, second earns $25,000 USD and third and fourth both net $12,500 USD each.

Jini Jun, Head of Competitive Gaming at Wargaming APAC said, “Hosting the APAC Season Finals in Sydney is an awesome way to deliver a true eSports spectacle in a new way for fans. Australia is a beautiful country, and we’re showing that we have a real dedication to eSports in the region. We’re sure it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Fans who aren’t able to attend the event in Sydney can tune in on Twitch and listen in English, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean. The event will take place on October 22. The top two teams will also earn an invitation to the Challenger Rumble taking place in New York on November 19.

World of Tanks is available now.

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